Supporting local deaf children

Local MP Chris has welcomed a recent £9,000 funding boost, agreed as part of the 2019/20

South Gloucestershire Council Budget, which will enable 30 hearing-impaired children in South Gloucestershire to take the radio aids they use while at school home with them. This new funding will also roll out the support to the youngest children in our area, currently receiving sensory support services in Early Years.


Living with hearing loss can be an isolating experience for children, and their psychological and emotional wellbeing has been shown to benefit from consistent radio aids use. Chris has welcomed the investment as it will help support more children in our community, ensuring they have a fair chance in life and education, and helping them achieve their goals.


Chris has previously raised the concerns of local families of deaf children in Parliament, joining neighbouring MP Luke Hall in a Westminster Hall debate on the subject last May, where he called for universal provision of radio aids for deaf children in South Gloucestershire, and for children to be allowed to take those aids outside the school setting to ensure they are constantly learning and engaged at home.