Bromley Heath Viaduct petition handed in to Transport Secretary

South Gloucestershire MPs have stepped up the campaign to secure further funding for the repair of Bromley Heath viaducts this year. Local MPs Chris Skidmore, Luke Hall and Jack Lopresti met with Transport Secretary to hand in a petition signed by local residents asking for further Government funding.

The local MPs have also joined with the Metro Mayor Candidate Tim Bowles to write to the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership to support South Gloucestershire Council’s business case for additional funding to reduce the time it will take to refurbish the viaducts in Bromley Heath.

So far, the Government has invested £13.95 million of the £15.5 million of the cost of the A4174 viaduct refurbishment, as well as giving a further £1.1 million to the local area as part of the National Productivity Investment Fund for 2017/2018.

This is in addition to the £5,888,000 South Gloucestershire will receive this as part of the Government’s local road maintenance scheme – a 26% increase on last year. Local highway authorities decide how this money is spent, including upgrades to road surfacing, bridges, street lighting and other local road maintenance projects that improve journeys for motorists and cyclists.

Chris Skidmore said:

“Luke Hall, Jack Lopresti and myself met with the Chris Grayling MP to hand in a petition of local residents to show the Transport Secretary the strength of feeling from local residents regarding the potential time repairs to the viaducts will take.

Over the next year, the Government will be investing vast amounts of money in to our local transport system, but it is important we get the best possible deal for local residents so I will continue to do everything I can to press the issue at the highest possible level so our area receives the funding we deserve.”