Chris Skidmore MP adds his voice to HorseWorld's anti-tethering campaign

On Friday the 7th of December Chris Skidmore visited HorseWorld Trust in Whitchurch, Bristol. He met with managing director Mark Owen and some of the charity's staff to discuss HorseWorld’s #BreakTheChain campaign which aims to restrict long term tethering of horses and to see for himself the impact tethering can have.

Chris heard from staff how horses can be tethered, using chains around their necks which then attach to the ground, for much of their lives which limits their ability to express natural behaviour. Chris was also told how horses are often tethered on roadsides or in the centre of roundabouts, which endangers not only the horse but passing motorists as well.

After hearing from staff Chris met some of the horses at HorseWorld who have been physically and psychologically damaged due to long term tethering. There are currently no laws in place that protect horses from the effects of being tethered long term or by roadsides, so charities are powerless to help.

Chris was very supportive of HorseWorld's campaign to impose a legal limit on the amount of time a horse can be tethered for and call for a complete ban on tethering horses in unsafe places. Underpinning the campaign is HorseWorld's belief that ‘If a tether is your only way of keeping a horse then you shouldn’t be allowed to own that animal’.

Chris Skidmore said: “I am delighted to have been invited to visit HorseWorld. This is a matter that is very important to my constituents and having learned about the anti-tethering campaign, it has become important to me as well. I am very pleased to be able to offer my assistance in potentially improving the lives of thousands of animals across the UK.”

HorseWorld’s managing director said: “HorseWorld are delighted to have Chris’ support with the campaign that will help so many horses that are suffering as a result of tethering in our area”.