Chris Skidmore MP and local Councillors welcome first steps towards greater road safety

Following a public meeting where Chris Skidmore MP met with concerned local residents and pupils, new signs have been put in place urging residents to drop their speed.

 The new 20mph signs were installed by South Gloucestershire Council following the meeting where pupils talked about their concerns with the speed of cars using this road. Chris will be attending a further meeting at the school with local Councillor Sam Bromiley on Friday 20th May, where he will discuss future plans and further concerns. If you would like to attend this meeting then please contact Chris at or on 0117 9081524.

 Chris Skidmore MP said, “ I am delighted that these signs have been put in place as a first step in improving the current situation. I am looking forward to meeting with pupils again to hear what more we can do to help reduce the risk to pupils.”

 Local Councillor Sam Bromiley said, “I am pleased that the Council have acted quickly and put up these much needed signs. Myself and Cllr Paul Hughes will continue to speak to residents to see what else we can do to help ensure pupils at Redfield Edge have their voices heard.”