Chris Skidmore MP meets team at Kingsmeadow Community Flat

Chris took time out of his constituency day on Friday to spend time with the staff and volunteers at the Kingsmeadow Communtiy Flat in Kingswood to hear more about the great work they do in the community. 

During their discussions the group talked about mental health funding and the support available for those in need throughout the community. The group have a track record of reaching out into the community and helping those who are either isolated or at risk and giving them the support they need to move forward. 

Chris said, "It has been several years since my last visit and I was pleased to see how the group has grown and developed the services it provides. It is clear that through their links in the community with Holy Trinity Church and Merlin Housing, they have been able to reach a considerable number of people over the last year."

Chris is now looking to organise a trip to Parliament for a number of young people who use the services at the Flat as part of the Dreamscheme organisation.