Chris welcomes Council sports funding into Kingswood

Almost £35,000 is to be spent improving sports facilities across Kingswood, under council plans published this week.

Funding is to be allocated by South Gloucestershire Council using resources received from developers as part of the planning permissions they are granted.

Projects across Kingswood include:

AEK Boco Football Club (ABFC): Proposal for £8,100 funding to purchase toilet and storage containers. ABFC has recently taken on a lease of Tenniscourt Road and Fisher Road playing fields. The existing toilet facilities on site were built only for male users and as a result there are no suitable toilet facilities for female players or spectators. A toilet container would provide ABFC with suitable basic facilities for their large number of female players as well as spectators. There is no storage on site for the club to keep goals, flags, footballs and other equipment for football. Purchasing a storage container would provide a secure convenient location to store this essential equipment. ABFC will contribute £500 from their own funds to make up the total proposal cost.

Kingswood Rugby Football Club (KRFC): Proposal for £9,500 funding to increase the amount of floodlights on site to provide a larger training area. KRFC continues to grow, especially in its junior section, which is putting a huge demand on their training facilities. Extending the area of floodlit playing field will provide a much larger training area. The saving on hiring external training facilities will improve the clubs sustainability. KRFC will contribute £500 from their own funds to make up the total proposal cost.

At the end of 2017, £17,000 funding was granted to Longwell Green Sports FC to support the improvement of an existing ball court and its conversion to a 3G artificial surface and £5,000 was granted to AEK Boco FC for the purchase of a grounds maintenance machine to improve and maintain the condition of the grass playing surfaces.

Commenting on the plans, Kingswood MP Chris Skidmore said:

“I welcome this council funding as it will provide better and more accessible sporting facilities across Kingswood, including improved toilet facilities for female players and spectators at AEK Boco, better training facilities for juniors at Kingswood RFC and a new 3G surface at Longwell Green FC.

“As the local MP who was born and brought up in the area, I’m determined to see improvements to the open green spaces and sports facilities that I enjoyed growing up and playing at.”