M4 Link Study to be Completed by Early 2018

Local MP Chris Skidmore has met with Divisional Director, Elise Lewis, and Richard Ormerod, South West Growth & Improvement team leader, of Highways England to discuss the strategic study into the potential Junction 18a that would link the M4 with the Avon Ring Road A4174 in Emersons Green.

Earlier this year Chris Skidmore successfully secured the £500k of Government funding needed to conduct the Strategic Study which aims to assess the impact the junction will have on the local and regional transport structure as well as analyse the value for money aspect of the project. Highways England have confirmed that the study will be completed by February 2018, in time for the applications into the next round of Government funding.

The potential junction linking the Avon ring road A4174 to the M4 is expected to ease congestion and reduce the journey times currently faced by local residents. Over 100 businesses from across the area have signed up to the petition calling for the link, and it is expected to help attract more businesses and bring highly skilled jobs to the local area.

Chris said:

“Having successfully campaigned to get the £500k needed to conduct this study, I am pleased that South Gloucestshire Council are working with Highways England in order to complete the strategic study on Junction 18a.

I was heartened to hear the study has started so much earlier than other strategic studies, so it puts the campaign for the link in the best possible position to be successful in the future. 

The Government is investing around £5 billion pounds a year in its Road Investment Strategy, and I will continue to do everything I can as the local MP to keep pressing the issue so we can secure the funding for this well needed link road.”