MP supports call for residents to have their say on road safety plans

Local residents in Soundwell and Kingswood are being called on by the local MP and campaigners to have their say on plans to increase safety for children walking to school.

The proposals would look to install a zebra crossing on Lansdown Road and Sweets Road outside St Stephens School as well as replace the existing two road humps with a new set of three humps.

Public consultations have now been launched by South Gloucestershire Council, following public support from local campaigners, with residents and parents being encouraged to have their voices heard.

Having campaigned for improved safety measures around the school, Gagan Deep-Singh, whose daughter Gulnoor attends the school, said: “I am delighted that South Gloucestershire Council is considering installing a new crossing and speed humps, and want to thank them for listening to the community.

“Ensuring our children are safe when they walk to school is a massive reassurance to parents like myself as it gives children more independence and more confidence by being able to walk as well as giving parents more of a reason not to drive the school run, thereby reducing risk around the school.”

Also supporting the campaign is Kingswood MP Chris Skidmore, who welcomed the consultations and called on residents to voice their opinions on the proposals.

He said: “I am delighted that work by campaigners like Gagan has had a positive impact on his community. I am very supportive of the Council’s existing commitment to ensure 20mph speed limits are outside South Gloucestershire schools. This is the next step towards ensuring the safety of our children.

“It is now for residents to show a unified voice by taking part to support the children of St Stephens School, the more people who have their say, the more information the Council has to make the right decision.”

Both public consultations are now underway and concludes on Monday, February 24.