M4 Link Study to be Completed by Early 2018

Local MP Chris Skidmore has met with Divisional Director, Elise Lewis, and Richard Ormerod, South West Growth & Improvement team leader, of Highways England to discuss the strategic study into the potential Junction 18a that would link the M4 with the Avon Ring Road A4174 in Emersons Green.

Chris joins campaigners for a new Post Office in Emersons Green

Following a meeting with local Cllr Caroline Johnson, Chris Skidmore MP organised a roundtable discussion with a representative from the Post Office and other local Councillors, including the Chair of Emersons Green Town Council, Cllr Rich Nicholls.


Government moves forward on anonymous registration

Local MP and the Minister for the Constitution Chris Skidmore met with local domestic abuse campaigner Mehala Osborne ahead of a Government roundtable on anonymous electoral registration.

Chris meets local farmers and NFU to discuss fly tipping

Chris Skidmore MP and local farmers meet to discuss crackdown on fly tipping

Chris Skidmore MP recently met with several local farmers and the National Farmers Union to discuss several concerns they have at the amount of fly tipping in Upton Cheyney. 

New Government job for Chris Skidmore MP

Chris Skidmore MP has recently been appointed Minister for the Constitution. Chris' new role will mean he is responsible for constitutional affairs and democratic processes such as voter registration.